Vicious, V.E.Schwab Source: Goodreads. Info: Publication date: 1st June 2018Pages: 420 collector's edition, HardcoverGenre: fantasy Synopsis:Victor and Eli were best friends, both brilliant and abitious. At college, they started to research the subject of extraordinary abilities.  10 years later, Victor breakes out of prison determined to hunt down Eli and kill him. What happened? Characters: Eli, … Continue reading Vicious, V.E.Schwab

Dry, Neal and Jarrod Shusterman Source: Goodreads.Info: Publication date: 2nd October 2018Pages: 390 HardcoverGenre: ya, science fiction Synopsis:We take water for granted until one day taps run dry. Suddenly water is more valuable than gold. Characters: Alyssa, Garett, Kelton, Jacqui, Henry Review: +++++ (5 stars) Wow. Neal Shusterman is an artist when it comes to writing about difficult topics, … Continue reading Dry, Neal and Jarrod Shusterman

An Americam Marriage, Tayari Jones Source: Goodreads.Info: Publication date: 6th February 2018Pages: 308 HardcoverGenre: contemporary Synopsis: Celestial and Roy are in love and just married! One day their life shatters and everything becomes fragile. How much pain, tragedy and time can love survive? Characters: Roy, Celestial, Andre, their parents Review: +++++(5stars)I cried so hard while reading this book. I … Continue reading An Americam Marriage, Tayari Jones